Steps to Viewing Network Data

After you have configured your network and the appropriate monitors, you can begin viewing the information WhatsUp Gold is gathering for you. There are several ways to view network data with WhatsUp Gold.

1. Device and Map Views

While Device and Map Views are good for viewing device information or the location of a device, they are also useful for viewing the current status of network devices. Devices on both are displayed with device state icons that show the status for devices at the time of the last poll. The Device and Map Views are viewable on both the WhatsUp Gold console and web interface.

2. Workspace views and reports

WhatsUp Gold's workspace views let you organize various workspace reports by the type of information they display or by devices and device groups. Workspace views and reports are viewable from the WhatsUp Gold web interface.

3. Full reports

In WhatsUp Gold, full reports are used to troubleshoot and monitor performance and historical data that has been collected during the operation of the application. Full reports are viewed from the WhatsUp Gold Reports tab and can be sent on a regular basis to an email address you identify through the Recurring Report feature.