Learning about full reports

In WhatsUp Gold, full reports are used to troubleshoot and monitor performance and historical data that has been collected during the operation of the application. This data can help you troubleshoot problem areas on your network. Full reports are accessible from both the console and the web Interface, but beginning in v11, reports are only viewable from the web interface.

Full reports are viewed from the Reports tab and can be sent on a regular basis to an email address you identify through the Recurring Report feature.

Reports Tab

From the WhatsUp Gold console, you can access full reports by clicking the Reports Console Reports Button button on the console toolbar.

Report categories

Reports in WhatsUp Gold are broken down by the scope and the type of information displayed within each report.

There are three categories for full reports based on the scope of information displayed:

There are three categories for full reports based on the type of information displayed:

Note: By default, performance data is not collected for the monitors assigned to the devices in your database. To begin collecting performance data for a device, right-click on a device on the Devices tab and select Properties from the context menu. In the Device Properties dialog, select Performance Monitors and choose the monitors you want to apply to the selected device.

Advantages of full Reports