Group - Performance: Ping Availability

This performance report displays ping availability data collected during the selected time period from the device group displayed at the top of the report. You can configure the data collection for individual devices through Device Properties > Performance Monitors > Configure Ping Latency and Availability.

The Device Data table displays the same information as above, but on a per device basis.

Note: The Percent Available is a weighted average of availability for all data entries. It is not a simple average of percent availability for each entry.  The value for the total availability percentage is reached by:  multiplying the availability percentage with the amount of time that passed between polls to get a sum for each entry. Add those sums and divide by the sum of all time periods between polls.

Below the body text is a summary of the above information:


Report percentages are displayed in colors that represent the CPU utilization thresholds:

Use the date/time picker at the top of the report to select a date range. The date and time format for the date on this report matches the format specified in Program Options > Regional.


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