Device - Problem Areas: Syslog Entries

This device report displays Syslog events logged for a device during the time period displayed at the top of the report.

Note: In order for entries to be added to this report, the Syslog listener must be enabled. For more information, see Enabling the Syslog Listener.

A Syslog event is used to examine Syslog messages forwarded from other devices for a specific record and/or specific text within a record. Usually Syslog messages are forwarded from the "Syslog" on a system that runs UNIX, but they can also come from non-UNIX devices as well.  They might contain anything that you want permanently logged, such as a device failure, or an attempt to log in to the system.

The Syslog Entries report is organized into a list divided into the following columns:

Use the date/time picker at the top of the report to select a date range. The date and time format for the date on this report matches the format specified in Program Options > Regional.


You can change the device you are viewing by clicking the device name in the application bar at the top of the page.

You can change to another device report by selecting it from the More Device Reports pull-down menu.

Device Properties

To view the properties on the current device, click the Device Properties button in the application at the top of the page.


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