Using device layout

Map View has a number of options you can use to organize your view of devices. Arrange options are available from the Arrange menu on the main menu bar and right-click menu. Display options are available from the View menu on the main menu bar and the right-click menu.

Try the different functions on the Arrange menu until you are satisfied with the device layout.

For example, to clean-up a map, after completing discovery, you can try the following display options:

  1. Select the device group, then click the Map View tab.
  2. Right-click in the Map View, then select Display > Clip Device Names. This removes the domain part of the device name and shows only the host name.
  3. Select all devices in the view by clicking and dragging a selection box around all devices. Then, from the Arrange menu, select Distribute > Device Icons in Rows.

If you have a large set of devices or want to represent a topology specific to your network, you can also use the graphics annotations (such as lines, text, circles) and attached lines to create custom map views.

Lock position can be useful in positioning objects on the map.