Creating an Action Policy

This feature gives you the ability to stack multiple actions together in a single policy. You can then assign those actions to any device or monitor in your device list. Once assigned, you can edit the policies in the Action Policies dialog without having to make changes to all of the devices that use that particular action.

To create an action policy:

  1. From the menu bar, select Configure > Action Policies. The Action Policies dialog opens.
  2. On the Action Policies dialog, click New.
  3. In the New Action Policy dialog, enter a name in the Policy name box. This name is used to identify the policy later, so you should make sure the name is something that will help you remember what is contained in that policy.
  4. Click Add. The Action Builder wizard appears.
  5. Follow the directions in the wizard.
  6. Click Finish at the end of the wizard to add the action to the policy.
  7. Add as many actions as you need to complete the policy. You can move actions up and down in the list by clicking the Up and Down buttons above the action list.

    If you select Only execute first action, WhatsUp Gold executes the actions in the list, starting at the top, and stops as soon as an action successfully fires.

  8. Once all of the actions have been added, click OK to create the policy and add it to the active list.
  9. Assign the action policy to a device or monitor by using the procedure defined in:

Note: During Device Discovery, you can assign an existing action policy (if one has been created previously), create a simple action policy through a wizard, or access the Action Policy Editor to create an action policy yourself.

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