About Web Alarms

A Web Alarm is a type of Action that can be applied to a device, or through an Action Policy. On the WhatsUp Gold web interface, when Web Alarms are enabled and a device goes down, or a state changes, a window pops up and an audible alarm sounds. In the Web Alarm popup window, the current Web Alarms are listed. You can mute or dismiss these alarms.

Note: In previous versions of WhatsUp Gold, the Web Alarm Action was included in the Implicit Action Policy. This is no longer true in Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold v11.

Configuring a Web Alarm Action

A Web Alarm can be configured to apply to a device as an individual Action on a specific device, or to multiple devices using an Action Policy. Before you can assign an Action to a device or group of devices, you must first configure it in the Action Library.

For more information, see Creating a Web Alarm Action.

The Web Alarm popup window

When a Web Alarm Action is fired, and you are logged in to the WhatsUp Gold web interface, the Web Alarm popup box appears in your browser. From here, you dismiss one or all of the alarms listed. You can also mute them. Muting an alarm leaves the alarm listed, but stops the alarm from sounding.

Note: You cannot disable Web Alarms from the popup window.

If you'd like more information on one of the devices listed in the popup window, you can double-click the device to bring up its Device Status Workspace.

Enabling and Disabling Web Alarms

While you can mute and dismiss Web Alarms from the Web Alarms popup window, you cannot disable, or turn them off, from here. Instead, you enable and disable Web Alarms on the web interface on the User Preferences dialog (GO > Configure > Preferences). Also from the User Preferences dialog, you can adjust the Web Alarms refresh interval. The refresh interval indicates the number of seconds WhatsUp Gold waits until checking for new Web Alarms.

By default, Web Alarms are enabled on the web interface with a refresh interval of 120 seconds.

Accessing Web Alarms on the web interface

There are two places users can access Web Alarms from the WhatsUp Gold web interface:

  1. The Web Alarm popup window. This appears when Web Alarms are enabled and a Web Alarm Action is fired. It can also be accessed from the GO menu: GO > Devices > Web Alarms.
  2. The Web Alarm workspace report. This is a default workspace report located on the Problem Areas 1 workspace view of the Home Workspace.

Another way of listing and accessing your network's Web Alarms is creating a Dynamic Group which lists all of the current Web Alarms. For more information on Dynamic Groups in WhatsUp Gold, please see Using Dynamic Groups.