Creating a Web Alarm Action

  1. Go to the Action Library:
    • In the WhatsUp Gold web interface, select Go > Configure > Action Library.

      - or -

    • From the main menu bar of the WhatsUp Gold console, select Configure > Action Library.
  2. In the Action Library, do one of the following:
    • Click New, then select Web Alarms Action.

      - or -

      Select an existing Web Alarms Action, then click Edit. The Action Properties page opens.

      Web Alarm action

  3. Set the appropriate options.
    • Name. The name identifies the Web Alarm action in the Action Library list.
    • Description. A short description of the action. The description appears in the Action Library list.
    • Message. Enter a short message to send to the visual cue part of the Web Alarm in the web interface.
    • Play Sound. Select this option to play the sound file whenever a web alarm action is fired. Clear this option to only have the visual cue appear in the Web Interface.
    • Sound file name. Select a sound file that has been installed in your \Program Files\Ipswitch\WhatsUp\HTML\1033\NMconsole\WebSounds directory. Custom sounds added to this directory appear in the drop-down list.

      Note: For Web Alarms to work properly, your browser must support embedded sound files.

  4. Click OK to save this action. The action now appears in the Action Library.
  5. Assign the action to a device or a monitor, by using the procedure defined in: