Welcome to Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold v11

Welcome to Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold v11, the powerful network monitoring solution designed to help you protect your changing business infrastructure. WhatsUp Gold provides standards-based monitoring of any network device, service, or application on TCP/IP and Windows networks.

WhatsUp Gold lets you discover devices on your network, initiate monitoring of those devices, and execute actions based on device state changes, so you can identify network failures before they become catastrophic.

Discovery and Mapping

The WhatsUp Gold discovery process searches for devices on your network and lets you decide which devices you want to monitor. You can view monitored devices as a list of devices or as a graphical map.

Map View


WhatsUp Gold actively polls devices to determine their status. You can use pre-configured active monitors, or create your own, to poll services on a device and to passively listen for messages sent across the network. Performance monitors track device performance by checking and reporting on device resources, such as disk, CPU, and interfaces.


Depending on the responses received from polling, or the types of messages received, WhatsUp Gold fires actions to notify you of any change on your network. Actions help with problem resolution through options such as alerting via email or pager, or restarting a service.

Reporting and Workspaces

Reports provide current status, performance, and historical data for devices and monitors. Workspaces let you focus on segments of the network and create your own views into the report data. They provide crucial network data in one location, which allows for quick and easy access. WhatsUp Gold offers over 100 summary reports, or workspace reports, that can be used to customize workspaces. Each user can have their own workspaces.

Workspace Report

WhatsUp Gold Interfaces

WhatsUp Gold offers two user interfaces, the Windows console interface and the web interface, which offer largely the same functionality. We recommend that you do the initial set up discovery and mapping on the console, then use the web interface for additional setup of monitors and workspaces, users and permissions, and for day-to-day monitoring.

WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition

The WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition provides all of the network monitoring capabilities of WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition, plus the ability to monitor the availability of key application services on Microsoft® Exchange™ and Microsoft® SQL Server™ servers. WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition also provides support for application monitoring using Microsoft's WMI™, which lets you monitor any performance counter value and trigger an alarm if the value changes, goes out of range, or undergoes an unexpected rate of change.

WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition

WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition gives managed solution providers the ability to use all of the features of WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition to monitor their customers' remote networks from a central location in the managed solution provider's network operations center. Managing multiple companies' networks at once has never been easier.

WhatsUp Gold Multi-Site Editon

WhatsUp Gold Multi-Site Edition extends the features of WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition to companies whose networks are segmented across multiple geographic locations. Using WhatsUp Gold Multi-Site Edition, issues detected at any of the sites can be alerted at that site and at a central location.