Web Alarms

A Web Alarm is an action type that plays a sound over the web interface when a device state change occurs. All users logged in via the web interface will see these alarms. The type is configured in the Actions Library, and can be associated to any device or monitor like any other action.

You can edit the default Web Alarm action through the Action Library.  Select the Default Web Alarm and click Edit.

A dialog appears in the web interface when one or more of these alerts fire. This dialog allows you to dismiss or mute the alarms that have been fired. Clicking the Dismiss or Dismiss All buttons only stops the current sound being played. It does not stop the sound for future occurrences of the Web Alarm. To disable Web Alarms, go to Configure > Preferences and clear the Enable web alarms option.

Note: To associate a sound file with an Alarm, the sound file must be placed in the \Program Files\Ipswitch\WhatsUp\HTML\NMconsole\WebSounds directory.

Important: For Web Alarms to work properly, your browser must support embedded sound files. You must have QuickTime installed if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer. If you are using Mozilla, you need to download the extension BGSOUND to EMBED.

When you double-click an entry in this dialog, it will take you to that device's Device Status report.

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