Monitor/Service Properties for SQL Server

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With this dialog, you can configure WhatsUp Gold to monitor the various parameters and processes of your SQL Server. Multiple monitors may be configured with like parameters to show where problems may be occurring with the SQL server or with the computer running the server.

Note: The WhatsUp Gold SQL Server Monitor only works with a  MSDE or a Microsoft SQL Server database.

After the monitor is configured on this dialog, you must assign the monitor to a device through the Device Properties > Active Monitors dialog.

Configurable thresholds to monitor

The upper-half of this dialog contains the SQL server parameters that you can select for monitoring.

To select a parameter for monitoring:

To configure a threshold for a parameter:

SQL services to monitor

The lower-half of this dialog contains the SQL services that can be monitored. To monitor these services, select the services in this dialog. There is no configuration involved because SQL only reports whether the service is Up or Down.

Note: You can add multiple parameters or processes to an SQL Monitor. In this case, the monitor will be "down" if any of the selected parameters exceeds a threshold or any of the processes fails.

If an instance of the SQL Monitor is down (or up), it is reported in the Activity log and the Debug log. It can also be reported via a notification. The Service name, its state, and a timestamp are reported. For example, if you have a service called SQLDisk to monitor disk space and the device's disk exceeds the threshold, it is reported as "SQLDisk is down."  

You can use the %ActiveMonitor.Payload notification variable to report the status of the "aspects" of an SQL Monitor. Click here for an example of an Active Monitor Payload from the SQL monitor.