About the SNMP Management Information Base (MIB)

The MIB contains the essential objects that make up the management information for the device. The Internet TCP/IP MIB, commonly referred to as MIB-II, defines the network objects to be managed for a TCP/IP network and provides a standard format for each object.

The MIB is structured as a hierarchical object tree divided into logically related groups of objects. For example, MIB-II contains the following groups of objects:

Each object of the MIB is identified by a numeric object identifier (OID) and each OID can be referred to by its text label. For example, the system group contains an object named sysDescr, which provides a description of the device. The sysDescr object has the following object identifier:


This object identifier would be to which is appended an instance sub-identifier of 0. That is, identifies the one and only instance of sysDescr.

All of the MIB-II objects (for TCP/IP networks) are under the "mib" sub tree (so all these objects will have an identifier that starts with

For a detailed description of the MIB, see RFC 1213.