SNMP Graph Options

Use the Graph Options dialog box to set the layout of the Graph window, the interval (or frequency) for recording values for the SNMP objects, and whether you want to record the data to a file.

File Format

Date [tab] time [tab] first item value [tab] second item value [tab] ...

Note: The file format does not actually contain any spaces. They are only added here to make reading easier.

For example, a graph with four items would show the date and time plus the four values recorded at that time. The heading shows the IP address and SNMP object identifier for each graph item.

Date Time []: []: []: []:

20030209 110734 1037 8267 1006689 712990

20030209 110735 1695 8743 1031456 766866

20030209 110736 2067 8156  873944  783968