SNMP Communities

Select this option to have WhatsUp Gold read the SNMP or WMI information on the devices in the IP range previously entered.

In the SNMP read communities field, enter one or more SNMP community strings, separated by commas, that the device will respond to. If the read community string is incorrect, or none is provided, WhatsUp Gold determines device type based on the monitors discovered during the scan.

Optionally, you can select the Windows credential that you want to use during discovery in the Windows credentials field. Select:

These SNMP and WMI credentials are configured in the Credentials Library. They store Windows authentication information (username and password) for those devices that require a logon for monitoring. Click the (...) button, next to this box, to access and view WMI or SNMP credentials in the Credentials Library.

The credential that successfully accesses a device is then associated with the device.

Select Identify devices via SNMP to scan for devices using SNMP.

Advanced. Click to open the Advance SNMP Community Settings dialog. Use this dialog to set additional timeout and retry count options.