Navigating the Reports System

After WhatsUp Gold has been monitoring a map long enough to generate data, you can create reports based on the activity data. After you have created your reports, there are several ways to navigate the reporting system on the console.

Report view tab

Click the Report View tab to access the Report view. This view lets you troubleshoot and monitor historical data that has been collected during the operation of WhatsUp Gold. Reports are broken down into function area.

To use the report view, click on the tab at the bottom of the application window. From there, select the report you want to view.

The Report view toolbar lets you choose which report types are displayed and how many columns they are displayed in.

Use the Show/Hide buttons to expand or collapse report categories.

Reports menu

Use the Reports menu to access a specific report category.

Device and Map view

When in either the Device or Map view, right-click on a device or group of devices and select Device Reports or Group Reports.

Note: Reports can also be emailed on a regular basis to an email address you identify through the Recurring Report feature.

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