Configuring an SQL Server Monitor

To configure an instance of the SQL Server Monitor:

Important: You must activate WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition before configuring an SQL Server Monitor.

  1. Go to the Active Monitor Library:
    • In the WhatsUp Gold web interface, select Go > Configure > Active Monitor Library.

      - or -

    • From the main menu bar of the WhatsUp Gold console, select Configure > Active Monitor Library. The Active Monitor Library appears.

      Tip: The Active Monitor Library is the starting point for creating any Active Monitor in WhatsUp Gold. This dialog shows all of the Active Monitors in your database.

  2. Add an SQL monitor:
    1. Click New. The Select Active Monitor Type dialog opens.
    2. Select SQL Service Monitor and click OK.
    3. The New SQL Service Monitor dialog opens.

    4. In the Name box, enter the name you want to use to identify this instance of the SQL Server monitor. For example, if you are configuring a monitor to check disk space, you might enter SQLServerDisk.
    5. In the Description box, enter any text information to further describe the monitor.
    6. In the SQL Server Instance Name box, enter the name of the database you want to monitor.
    7. Select the thresholds to add to the monitor (see Thresholds table).
    8. Select the services to add to the monitor (see Services table).
    9. Click OK to save the monitor in the Active Monitor Library.
  3. Add the monitor to your SQL Server device.
    1. In your device list, find the device that represents the SQL Server. Right-click the device, then select Properties. Select Active Monitors.
    2. Click Add. The Active Monitor wizard opens.

      Select the monitor, and continue with the wizard to configure any actions for the monitor.

      For more information on setting up an action, see Configuring an Action.

    If you select Use in discovery, WhatsUp Gold adds the monitor to the Active Monitors list. From that list, you can select to scan for that service on all applications found during discovery.