Maps to transfer

Browse and select the map files that you want to import into the database. These files can reside on any mapped drive on your network, and may be any valid map file type (wup, xml, or ini.) Select all or a subset of maps to import.

If you only want to import definitions and not your WhatsUp Gold maps, you may leave this list blank.

Note: Be certain you are ready to begin importing data before you click Next. As soon as the process begins, data is being written to the database, and can not be 'backed out' without restoring a previously backed up database. You can stop the process, but any data written to the database will stay there until it is removed manually or overwritten during a database restore.
If devices are duplicated in the imported WhatsUp Gold map files, this utility creates duplicate devices for each that is found. Each device instance will be polled as if it were a different device. You may want to condense these entries after completing the migration, and create "shortcuts" in the device groups instead of each duplicated device.