Monitoring a Microsoft Exchange Server

The Exchange Monitor is a module to WhatsUp that lets you monitor the Microsoft®  Exchange™ Server application. The Exchange Monitor provides real-time information about the state and health of Microsoft Exchange servers on your network.

Note: Exchange Monitor is part of the WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition, which extended monitoring capabilities.

The Exchange Monitor supports monitoring of Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 or later versions, which can be on any machine in your network.

To create custom parameters to monitor, the Exchange Server host must be WMI-enabled.

Why use it?

WhatsUp Gold can monitor and report the status of the standard services associated with any mail server, such as SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. If any of these services fail, your users will be unable to get mail. It is a good idea to set up monitoring on these services so that you are the first to know if they fail. The Exchange Monitor extends monitoring to parameters reported by Microsoft Exchange, allowing you to get an early warning of a degradation in performance. For example, you can monitor the SMTP queues to see if performance is within an expected range, and if not, you can intervene before the SMTP service fails. In other words, you can detect a looming problem before it causes an application or service failure.

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