Group - Problem Areas: State Change Timeline

This group report shows a timeline of when each monitor on a device in the selected group changed from one state to another during the selected time period.  

Click on a device entry to access the Device Status Report for that device.

Important> At first glance, you may feel the report is displaying incorrect information. For example, if you select the time period to be "Today" or "Yesterday," and you see a date that occurred last week, or even last month. This happens because the monitor is still in the same state today as it began a few days, weeks, or a month before.


You can change the group you are viewing by clicking the group name in the application bar at the top of the page.

You can change to another group report by selecting one from the More Group Reports pull-down menu.


You can print a fully formatted report through your browser by clicking the print icon in the browser's toolbar, or selecting File > Print from the browser's menu.



Click this icon to export a report. This function only works when JavaScript is enabled on your browser. The report can be exported to text or to Microsoft Excel.


Click this icon to add the current report to your Favorites list. These reports can be accessed quickly through the Favorites folder of the Web Interface Go Menu.