Group - Problem Areas: Health

This group report displays the current status of monitored devices in the selected group, along with each monitor configured to those devices.

For more information about what each icon state means, see Device State Legend.

Report Body

Below the date/time picker is a table showing the total number of devices in the group collecting data for the time period chosen, and the status of the monitors configured for the devices in that group.

Below the summary table, the report displays group status information collected during the time period:

Note: When exporting this report, an extra column is added to the report which is the same as the existing How long column, but the time is displayed in seconds rather than minutes and hours.


You can change the group you are viewing by clicking the group name in the application bar at the top of the page.

You can change to another group report by selecting one from the More Group Reports pull-down menu.


You can print a fully formatted report through your browser by clicking the print icon in the browser's toolbar, or selecting File > Print from the browser's menu.



Click this icon to export a report. This function only works when JavaScript is enabled on your browser. The report can be exported to text or to Microsoft Excel.


Click this icon to add the current report to your Favorites list. These reports can be accessed quickly through the Favorites folder of the Web Interface Go Menu.