Exchange parameters

You can set thresholds on the following parameters:

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Monitor CPU state on the Exchange host.


Monitor free memory on the Exchange host.


Monitor available disk space on the Exchange host.


Monitor operating system performance on the Exchange host, including context switches, CPU queue length, and system calls.


Monitor message-handling links between mail servers. A link can contain zero or more ExchangeQueue objects, depending on the current message traffic along the link. In the Exchange System Manager, these links are called queues.


Monitor the dynamic queues created to transfer individual messages between mail servers. An ExchangeQueue is part of an ExchangeLink. ExchangeQueue objects are not the same as the queues listed in the Exchange System Manager.



Monitor the state of the clustered resources on the Exchange server. This parameter will return a value of Unknown - 0; OK - 1; Warning - 2; Error - 3.

Custom Thresholds

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