Database backup and restore

Through this feature, you can back up your complete WhatsUp Gold SQL Server database to any mapped directory you have on your network. The file is saved as a .dat file and can be restored at any time. Using Backup, your data is saved to a .dat file. Restore reverses this process, overwriting your current database with the data in a .dat file.

Caution: You cannot use this feature to back up from, or restore to a remote database, (meaning the SQL/MSDE server is located on a remote server) or to a local database that has an instance name other than WHATSUP.

If you want to back up the SQL database to a mapped drive, you may need to change the Logon settings for the MSSQL$Whatsup service (or your customized SQL service). The account must have write access to the mapped drive for the backup to be successful.

To change the SQL database logon settings:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, then double click MSSQL$WHATSUP (SQL Server (WhatsUp)). The Web Server Properties dialog opens.
  2. Click the Log On tab on the Properties dialog.
  3. Change the account logon settings as required.

Note: This is a complete backup and restore, so any change that you make after the backup will be overwritten if a restore process is done.

To access the Database Utilities Backup and Restore features:

From the main menu in the WhatsUp Gold console, select Tools > Database Utilities > Back up SQL Database or Tools > Database Utilities > Restore SQL Database.