Data Source

On this dialog, select the path to the WhatsUp Gold v7/v8 installation that you want to migrate into the database. The path can be any drive that is local or mapped from the WhatsUp Gold v7/v8 computer. The drive must be mapped, as the UNC name is not recognized as a valid drive.

This directory contains the WhatsUp Gold v7/v8 configuration definition files. You can select your map files in the next dialog in this utility.

For remotely mapped directories, be aware that modem settings for pagers and beepers will not be imported during this process, as these settings reside in the remote computer's registry. In this case, be sure to review the pager/beeper definitions once imported to ensure modem settings are correct.

Note: There may be an issue with custom icons, sound files, background images, and program notifications being imported when migrating WhatsUp Gold v7/v8 data from a remote drive. Since the WhatsUp Gold v7/v8 definition files may reference absolute directory locations, from the perspective of the remote computer, these types of files may need to be copied manually and re-setup for use in the current product.