Configuring Passive Monitors

To add/edit a Passive Monitor manually:

  1. From the WhatsUp Gold web interface, click Go > Configure > Passive Monitor Library.
  2. Click New to configure a new Passive Monitor. The configuration dialog for the selected monitor type opens.

    - or -

    Select a monitor from the list, then click Edit to make changes to an existing configuration. The Edit dialog for the selected monitor opens.

  3. After you make the necessary changes, click OK to add the monitor to the list or to save the changes you made to a monitor already on the list.

To assign a Passive Monitor to a device:

  1. Right-click the device to which you want to assign a passive monitor, then click Properties. The Device Properties dialog opens.
  2. Click Passive Monitors. The Device Properties Passive Monitor dialog opens.
  3. Click Add. The Passive Monitor Properties dialog opens.

    Passive Monitor Properties dialog

  4. Select the Passive Monitor type and Passive Monitor you want to assign, then click Next. The Setup Actions for Passive Monitors dialog opens.
  5. Click Add to setup a new action for the passive monitor. The Select or Create Action dialog opens. Click:
    • Select an action from the Action Library

      - or -

    • Create a new action

    Follow the remaining Wizard dialog screens for the selection you made.

  6. Click Finish to add the passive monitor to the device.

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