Assigning Active Monitors

There are two steps in assigning an Active Monitor to a device. The first is to configure the Active Monitor in the Active Monitor Library, and the second is to add that Monitor to a device. For most users, the default configuration is sufficient and there is no need to make any changes to the Active Monitors in the library.

To configure an Active Monitor:

  1. From the web interface main menu, click Go > Configure > Active Monitor Library to view the Active Monitor Library.
  2. Click New to configure a new Active Monitor,

    - or -

    Select a monitor from the list and click Edit to make changes to an existing configuration.

    The configuration dialog for the selected monitor type opens.

  3. After you make the necessary changes, click OK to add the monitor to the list, or to save the changes you made to one already on the list.

To add an Active Monitor to a device:

There are a number of ways to assign Active Monitors to devices:

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