Alternative database setups

We recommend using the default database, which is MSDE 2000, and letting the installation program set up the database for you. However, you can manually configure WhatsUp Gold to:

Either of these options requires manually configuring the database, so you need to know how to set up your particular database program.

Supported databases:

Caution: When you use an alternative database setup, you will need to run the database upgrade scripts when installing a new release of WhatsUp Gold. For information on running the upgrade scripts, see Upgrading the Database Schema.

To use an alternative database:

  1. First, complete the WhatsUp Gold installation.
  2. Make sure the database server is installed on the appropriate computer.
  3. Create a database called WhatsUp.
  4. Create or select the DSN that tells WhatsUp Gold where to find the custom database.

The way you complete these steps depends on which database server you use and whether the database server is on the same computer as WhatsUp Gold or on a separate computer.