Changing the report date range

Date/Time picker

Most full reports have a date range selection tool (date/time picker) that you can use to change the range of data you are viewing in the report. This tool is useful in controlling the amount of information that you are viewing on a report.

You can select both start and end times for the report.

Report Date Time Picker

You can select from the following date ranges:

The date and time format for full reports matches the format specified in Program Options > Regional.

Zoom tool

The Zoom toolbar allows you to zoom the current date range in or out by selecting the zoom in our zoom out icons. The arrows on the toolbar control moving the selected date range forward and backward one calendar day.

Report Zoom Tool

Clicking outside the chart

Another way to move the report date backward and forward is to click in the space outside of the chart report. Clicking the space to the right of the chart will move the selected date forward, while clicking to the left will move the selected date backward.