Creating a Program Action

  1. Go to the Action Library:
    • In the WhatsUp Gold web interface, select Go > Configure > Action Library.

      - or -

    • From the main menu bar of the WhatsUp Gold console, select Configure > Action Library.
  2. In the Action Library, do one of the following:
    • Click New, then select Program Action.

      - or -

    • Select an existing Program Action, then click Edit.

      The action properties page opens.

  3. Set the appropriate options.
    • Name. Enter a name for the action you are creating. This is the name that appears in the Action Library.
    • Description. Enter a short description of the action. This is displayed in the Action Library along with the entry in with the Name box.
    • Program filename. Enter the executable name of the application you want to launch. Use the folder button to help you do this.
    • Working path. Specify a directory where the working files for the application are stored. Use the folder button to help you do this. The working path is located on the server where WhatsUp is running.
    • Program arguments. Enter any percent variables you want to pass to the specified program.
  4. Click OK to save this action. The action now appears in the Action Library.
  5. Assign the action to a device or a monitor, by using the procedure defined in: