Example: troubleshooting a slow network connection

The "real-time" reporting provided by Performance Monitors can provide both the raw data and the data trend analysis that can help you isolate network problems. For example, we recently experienced a problem with a network connection between two of our Ipswitch office sites. This example shows how we used Performance Monitors to troubleshoot the slow network connection.

We first describe the scenario, then the steps taken by the network administrator to solve the problem.


A developer working in Augusta, GA on an Atlanta-based project complained of a slow network connection between the Augusta and Atlanta offices. He stated it took 40 minutes to check-in files to the source library over the T1 connection.

The Atlanta office network administrator reacted by completing the following steps:

  1. On the WhatsUp Gold web interface, he goes to the Reports tab to select the Ping Response Time report.
  2. From here, he checks the connection from the Atlanta WhatsUp Gold application to the Augusta primary server. The report shows an increased response time beginning at 11:45 a.m.

Note: This connection has been configured with the appropriate performance monitors and has been gathering data for weeks. To set up this type of monitor for a connection, configure the Ping Latency and Availability monitor on a device located on the other end of the connection. For more information, see Configuring performance montors.