Console overview

The following is a breakdown of the main features found on the WhatsUp Gold console.

WhatsUp Gold console overview

  1. The WhatsUp Gold Toolbar. The icons on this toolbar change according to the view you are currently using. Additional toolbar icons can be enabled for the Map view by selecting View > Toolbars.
  2. Device Group Tree. This is a list of all device groups created through WhatsUp Gold. When you perform a discovery scan, WhatsUp Gold creates a top level folder for that scan. All discovered subnetworks are created in subgroups, but can be organized, deleted, or renamed to fit your needs.
  3. View pane. This pane displays the selected device group based on the view from the tabs below (Device View or Map View).
  4. Device Types Groups. Click the Basic or Advanced tab to view the device types contained in the group selection. These types can be dragged into the view pane to create a new device based on the selected device type.
  5. View selectors. Choose the way you want to view your device groups. Each of these views are explained in detail later in this chapter.
    • Device View. This view provides an overview of each device and subgroup in a selected device group.
    • Map View. This view shows a graphical representation of the devices and subgroups in a selected device group.
  6. Polling Indicator Icons. These icons indicate the current state of the poll engine.

    Polling Engine Connected icon

    Polling Enabled icon

    Polling Disabled icon

    Poll engine is connected

    Poll engine is not connected

    Polling is enabled

    Polling is disabled

  7. Database Size Indicator Icon. This icon shows the current size of your database. The color and shape changes according the database size thresholds:
    • Green - 49% and below.
    • Yellow - 50% to 74%
    • Red - 75% and above.