Example: configuring Active Discovery

In this example, we set up an Active Discovery task to scan our Atlanta network every morning and send an email update to the network administrator.

To configure an Active Discovery task:

  1. From the WhatsUp Gold console, select Configure > Active Discovery. The Active Discovery dialog opens.
  2. Click New to add a new task.

    We completed the Add Active Discovery Task wizard example as follows:

    Wizard screen



    Task Name: Atlanta Network Sweep

    Description: Daily scan of Atl net

    Scan for new services on existing devices (selected)


    Enable Schedule (selected)

    Schedule Time: 8:00 AM

    Days: All days selected


    Enable Email Notification (selected)

    Email address: netadmin@ipswitch.com

    Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:

    Port: 25

    From: whatsup@ipswitch.com

    Scan Type

    SNMP SmartScan (selected)

    SNMP SmartScan Settings

    SNMP enabled router:

    SNMP read communities: public

    Windows credentials: none

    Active/Performance Monitors

    Select Active Monitors to be used in the scan process: FTP, HTTP SMTP, Ping

    Select Performance Monitors to be used in the scan process: CPU Utilization, Disk Utilization, Interface Utilization

    Important: If you want to scan the devices currently in your databases for new services, make sure you select the Scan for new services on existing devices option. Clear the option to keep your existing devices from being scanned.

  3. Click OK to complete the wizard. The new task is displayed in the Active Discovery dialog.

    Active Discovery dialog

  4. From the email, click the Active Discovery Results link to view the report.
  5. Select the Discovery results (devices, services, or monitors found) you want to add to your device group, then click Add.