Creating device groups

To create a new device group:

Important: You cannot create a new device group within a dynamic group.

Note: There is a separate procedure for creating new dynamic groups.

On the WhatsUp Gold console

  1. Select File > New Group. A new device group appears in the My Network Tree named "New Device Group." You will need to rename this group.
  2. To rename the group, select the new group and right-click. The right-mouse menu appears. Select Rename and enter a new name for the group.

On the WhatsUp Gold web interface

  1. From the Devices tab, click the New Group button. Click this to create a new device group.

    - or -

    From the Devices tab, select File > New Group.

    The Create Group dialog appears.

  2. Enter a title and short description for the group in the Group Name and Description fields.
  3. Click OK to add the group to the My Network tree.