Steps to Gathering Network Data

There are a few things you need to do before WhatsUp Gold can gather the data you need about the devices on your network.

1. Install the software

First, you need to install your edition(s) of WhatsUp Gold. The User Guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to install each of the four editions of WhatsUp Gold:

2. Discover devices

After you have installed your edition(s) of WhatsUp Gold, you need to discover devices on your network for the application to monitor. The Device Discovery Wizard allows to choose which devices to add to the database for monitoring.

3. Configure your network

In WhatsUp Gold, devices are organized through device groups. By default, all of the devices on your network are placed into a Dynamic Group named All devices. Additionally, each time you discover devices a new device group is created containing the devices found in the scan that you choose to monitor. You can create as many Dynamic and non-Dynamic groups as you want to organize your network in a way that is meaningful to you and your monitoring needs.

4. Configure monitors

WhatsUp Gold comes with several default monitors, but you will need to configure new monitors to gather the specific types of information you seek about your network. There are three types of monitors in WhatsUp Gold:

Each of the monitor types gathers a different type of information, so you may use each type of monitor. Before creating monitors, you should figure out what type of network information you need, and configure monitors to gather that specific data.