Moving and removing Remote/Central workspace reports

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold v11 supports drag-and-drop within the web interface. You can move a workspace report from one column of a workspace view to another, or position a workspace report above or below another workspace report, by selecting it and dragging it to another area of the workspace view. These location changes are saved: workspace reports will appear in the location to which you moved them after logging out from the web interface or after moving between workspace views.

Drag Report

To move a workspace report:

  1. Select the title bar of the report you want to move, then drag it to the desired location. A red box highlights the area that the report will be placed when the mouse button is released.
  2. Release the mouse button to place the report in the new page location. If you want to cancel the move, while the report is selected, press the Esc button.

To remove a report:

In the Web interface, go to the menu for a specific workspace report and click Close.

Workspace Menu

Keep in mind, when you remove a report, any customizations you have made to it are lost.