Ipswitch Dashboard Screen Manager Overview

The Dashboard Screen Manager is a stand-alone application designed to display a series of Web pages, or a "playlist," on one or multiple monitors. The Dashboard was created as a complement to the Ipswitch network monitoring application, WhatsUp Gold, and as an aid to keeping your network visible. The Dashboard application is included in the WhatsUp Gold Central and Remote Site installations.

The Dashboard can run on a display console and cycle through various pages from the WhatsUp Gold web interface. Network administrators then have important and pertinent network information on display at all times, cycling and changing on its own without the need of constant configuration. It also provides the capability to view multiple networks that you are monitoring simultaneously.

Though the Dashboard Screen Manager was created to work along-side WhatsUp Gold, it can display virtually any Web page. For example, an Internet business providing service to a small town in the desert glances at one screen on the Dashboard and sees that the connectivity to the town is down. By displaying the weather for this town on another screen at the same time, the network administrator is able to see that the extreme temperatures of the day have likely caused problems for the cable transmitters.

Note: If you want to display a password protected page for another Web application, you must supply a valid username and password for the page. For more information, see the Dashboard application Help.

For more information about the Dashboard playlists, see Configuring a Dashboard Playlist.

For more information about configuring a multi-monitor network display, see Setting up a WhatsUp Multi-Monitor Network Display, located on the Ipswitch Network Monitoring Web site.